Star Wars: The Old Republic Dancing Bug Means Invincibility


Almost every new MMO will have a whole host of bugs within its system, report them you get nothing, use them to your advantage in the game and you could find that your account is frozen faster than a Tauntaun on the planet Hoth!

However, check out the dancing feature on the Star Wars: The Old Republic game by simply typing in /getdown sure you start dancing, but there is also a cool side effect for dancing like an idiot and that is, you are invincible for as long as you are dancing! Let us hope that Bioware do not stop the dancing too soon.

According to the text that accompanies the video, this is all good stuff you know;

Apparently if you type /getdown in battle, it will keep interrupting the enemy targeting you. I have only tested it on “boss” type enemies like this guy and an NPC sniper in the nearby area. No, EA is not banning people for dancing in “non-dance zones” you gullible idiots.

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