The Velocity Micro Shine HD pocket projector


Velocity Micro has been showing off the Shine high definition pocket sized projector, its size makes it highly portable and therefore ideal for many uses, such as presentations! Because it uses a digital light processor (DLP) and LED’s means that is its small and light, but while projection may be fine for business presentations on the move, watching video or even playing games are probably not going to be so crystal clear.

These are the features for the cool Velocity Micro Shine HD pocket projector;

Shine on any wall, Shine in HD, or Shine with friends and family! With the Velocity Micro® Shine™ Projector, you’ll never be without a way to share your movies, streaming video, pictures, or presentations. This pocket-sized HD dynamo connects easily via HDMI to produce crisp, bright, and clear images anywhere, anytime!

Priced at around $400 in the US and £260 in the UK when becomes available

Source [Ubergizmo]