Sons Of Chaos A Cool Short Film


This is a nice short movie written and directed by Mathieu Turi and the Sons of Chaos stars Olivier Banse and of course, Mathieu Turi! It is a classic “End of the World” survivor scenario that sees a young man battling to become a warrior with various trails and tests to overcome. The ultimate test coming face to face with the Howler, this is when a kill is the only way to survive.

Here are basics for the Sons of Chaos;

2154. To become a son of chaos, and protect the people, Oca, a young warrior, has to succeed three tests. Ouranos, his master, can’t help him. Oca has to find a building in the forest, then reach the roof, without a weapon, and finally, kill a Howler, a dangerous and horrible creature.

Source [Geeks Are Sexy]