Charge Your Devices While On The Move


Simply plug this bags adapter into the wall power socket to charge the internal battery pack. Now you have a portable supply of power hidden within your backpack! It is ideal for travellers who are going to be away from a mains power supply for some time. It comes with enough adapters so that up to four devices can be charged at once, although we are not sure how long the battery pack will last when doing this.

Here is what RFA Brands have to say about these cool Powerbag backpacks and slings;

We’ve been there. You reach into your bag or backpack for your phone and the battery is dying or dead. Sure, you can charge it through a wall outlet or your car charger but how about those times when you’re away from electricity or forgotten your cords? Powerbag makes those problems a thing of the past

Prices start at $140 (£90) to $180 (£116)

Source [Venture Beat]