The If I Die Facebook App


It is a way of life that eventually we all die, but what happens to your Facebook account? It just keeps rolling on until Facebook decide that the account has been inactive for too long and the account is deleted.

But it does not have to be that way, because as the saying goes, “There is an app for that!” and with the “If I Die” app the Facebook user is able to nominate three people who effectively become trustees who confirm the users death and this releases saved messages too.

It is a bit morbid, but you can see that there may be use for an app such as this.

According to Eran Alfonta who is the inventor of this application, said;

“We have many things to say but do not really need a listener who can wait to hear everything,”

“Actually, everyone wants to leave something, we want to leave a message or a marker behind us.”

Source [Arieoke]