The JetLev R200 Finally Goes On Sale


We have featured the cool water powered jet pack the JetLev R200 before, but then it was merely a prototype being demonstrated by Raymond Li and his team. Now the JetLev R200 is going on sale and by the spring of 2012, you too could be flying around the local lake, so long as you have a spare $100,000 (£65,000) to splash out on this cool machine with!

This is what you get in the JetLev package;

Hose/Control Cable Assembly

Jetpack Stand

2 Helmet Radios (1 small, 1 large)

2 FRS Radios

Remote Throttle Control Transmitter

Operator’s Manual

CFI 1 Course: Pilot Certification

Training & Safety

Top Speed: 25 mph

Flight Ceiling: 30 feet

Fuel Capacity: 22 gallons

Duration: 4 hours

Range: Up to 80 miles

Dimensions: 38.25”H x 35”W x 24.25”L

Dry Weight: 30 lbs

Positive Buoyancy

Maximum Thrust: 420 lbf (1,850 N)

Length: 127 inches

Beam: 48 inches

Height (with hatches closed): 27 inches

Dry Weight: 649 lbs

Engine: 200 HP; 1500cc;

4-Stroke Marine

Dimensions: 33’L x 4”D

Priced at $100,000 for US customers or £65,000

Source [WISTV]