Treat Dispenser Activated By Hand Motion


Here is something that will please anyone like me, who does like touch food that could have been touch by the people in front of you. It is nothing personal against them; it is just one of those things! Anyway, this dispenser uses motion technology to provide a handful of treats, these could almost anything from nuts to sweets but with one big difference, the only hand that has touched them is yours.

These are the details for this cool treat dispenser;

The sweetest feature of the hands-free Motion Activated Candy Dispenser is that everyone can take a handful of candy, without leaving behind germs for the next user. Simply place your hand under the dispenser and the perfect snack time amount will fall into your hand. Move your hand too quickly? The catch tray will keep things clean.

Priced at $40 in the US and £26 in the UK

Source [Coolest Gadgets]