Cool New Social Blogger Tool Called Outreachr

There is a new tool doing the rounds, it is called Outreachr and basically, it is meant to make webmaster contact much easier and therefore save time. The tool is ideal for public relations and marketing such as link building simply because the user can contact the right the person within an organisation.

Signing up to Outreachr is easy and there four levels to choose from; Basic – Free, One Off – $99, Pro – $89 per month and the top of the range Agency – $199 per month, as you can see there is an Outreachr level for all.

According to the Outreachr website, this is what the service is about;

Outreachr is the easiest way to discover, contact and manage your website or client’s target market – simply with one list of tags. For no cost at all, you can gain access to highly relevant link building targets at a touch of button, plus enjoy our easy management platform to record your success.

The cost of Outreachr starts at free for the basic level.

Source [Outreachr]