How To Make The Aperture Labs Portal Two Cocktail


Just the look of these drinks, makes you immediately think of Portal and Portal 2, it should do too! Because this is a drink dedicated to those brave folks from the Aperture Laboratories and all the good work that they have done. This is what you will need to make these ultra cool Portal Two cocktails; Blue Curacao, Vodka, Lemonade, Cointreau, Rum, Orangina and of course not forgetting the small tumblers!

In order to produce one of the most interesting cocktails around, you are going to have to follow these directions and no deviating from the plan; it is favourite drink in the Aperture Laboratories after all;

“This drink is, of course, designed to resemble the two coloured portals from the excellent sci-fi puzzle game. For the blue version, get a small tumbler and pour in 10ml of Blue Curacao, 10ml of vodka and top up with lemonade. For orange, you will need another tumbler, this time filled with 10ml of Cointreau, 10ml of rum and Orangina. If you fancy, you can jazz the glasses up with coloured sugar rims. Simply pour some sugar into a sandwich bag with the relevant food colouring, shake them up, pour the resulting mix into a dish and dip your tumbler in. “You can mix the portals together if you like,” says James. “It’s a very orangey flavour, which we thought tied in with The Orange Box, the compilation in which the original Portal appeared.”

Source [Technabob]