Bathroom Scales Enter The 21st Century


Like many people at this time of the year those bathroom scales are the enemy and probably do not work properly either, so what is the use in using them! Well these scales are different, they are not even available yet they are that new! However, what can do is help weight control by connecting to the internet so that the user can make use of the free iPhone app and even synchronize it with Google Health, want more? Then can share your results on Twitter, Facebook and email, sounds scary to me!

Here are the product features for these interesting Wi-Fi bathroom scales;

A high-tech, user-friendly body-scale for accurate measurement of weight, fat mass and lean mass that can track up to 8 users

Digital display, automatic user recognition, Wi-Fi connection, online dashboards: the first Smart body-scale

Integrated with more than 40 e-health & e-fitness services such as Runkeeper

Free Withings web and Smartphone applications to help you set your goals and track your weight

Keep track of your health, stay motivated and achieve your fitness goals faster

Fully integrated with the Withings Smart Blood Pressure Monitor. All your tracking (weight, fat, lean mass, blood pressure) is available from the same free mobile application for an easy health monitoring.

Priced at £120 in the UK and $182 in the US

Source [Firebox]


Written by David Allen

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