Get GLaDOS On Your Garmin Nuvi Sat Nav Devices


If you could have the voice of GLaDOS from the Aperture Science labs directing you via your satellite navigation system, would you trust her? If so, then you are in luck because Reddit user GLaDOS_Garmin_Thrwwy has come up with the goods to turn your innocent Garmin sat nav device into the corrupted computer that killed off all of the workers at Aperture Science Labs.

According the guy known as GLaDOS_Garmin_Thrwwy who created this cool version of the GLaDOS voice for Garmin;

I made a GLaDOS voice for Garmin Nuvi units. Sharing it anonymously, not-for-karma and for your enjoyment. Feel free to copy it, share it, distribute it, give it away, charge (suckers) some money for it. Reupload it to other filelockers. See if I care. 😉

Source [Technabob]