Having No Pockets Is No Longer A Problem


How many times have users of Smartphone’s looked around for a pocket in their clothing to securely place their Smartphone or other electrical device into, only to find that there is nothing there? Well this is a problem that can easily be fixed with the Underfuse Pocket, simply iron on into the right position and place the device inside for a safe and secure place. This product is currently moving through the Kickstarter fund raising phase.

Underfuse :: Performance Pocket from Tal Cohen on Vimeo.

These are the details on Underfuse and the cool iron on pocket idea;

Underfuse is a performance iron-on pocket specifically designed for working out, running, and travel.  It can be used to hold your phone, mp3 player, keys and cards.  The pocket is joined to a special woven fabric infused with adhesive.  The adhesive is specially formulated to bond to your favourite workout gear with a regular household iron.  Underfuse has been tested to be as durable as the item your are attaching it to.

Backing starts at $8 (£5) and goes on up to $150 (£98) for highest level.

Source [Incredible Things]