Portable Storage For MicroSD Cards


Keeping hold of your microSD cards has just got a little bit easier with this holder. It is around the same size as a credit card, although it is slightly thicker and it will hold up to ten of these little microSD cards in place for later use, there is even a spot for the microSD to SD adapter too. Now everything can be held in place and there is even a handy little hole for a keychain to be fixed, that way you are never without your microSD card collection.

These are the product details for the very useful microSD card holder;

It holds up to 10 standard Micro SD cards and one standard “Micro SD to SD card adapter” The Micro SD Card Holder/Case features a positive locking feature by way of a moving independent tab for each Micro SD card that is an integral part of the single molded piece. Each sleeve has the forward right retaining tab offset to the left such that the Micro SD cards can only be fully inserted with the electrical contacts facing down and fully protected. Sized and shape of a credit card allowing it to easily be carried. Hole for keychain. SD cards and adapter not included

Priced at $7 in the US and £4 in the UK

Source [Red Ferret]


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