Nissan Have An iPhone Case That Repairs Itself


The Japanese based car manufacturer Nissan may be at the cutting of green energy powered cars, but it is their design for a self repairing iPhone case that is getting all of the attention at the moment.

With so many styles and designs already on the market for the iPhone, Nissan had to come up with something very special indeed in order to make their efforts worthwhile. Well it seems a case that is able to repair itself because it uses the same sort of paint found on some of the brands cars.

According to a statement by Nissan;

The case has three key benefits: the highly flexible and elastic properties of Scratch Shield paint technology allows fine scratches to quickly mend themselves; its tactile gel-like rather than glossy surface is more scratch-resistant than conventional paint and provides a better grip; and the case itself is made of ABS plastic – a high grade substance widely used in the automotive industry which is more rigid and robust than other plastics.

This case is currently in testing, but should be available soon.

Source [Cult Of Mac]