Check Out The Max Payne 3 Pre-Order Deals


So Max Payne 3 will be launched some time in May this year and yet already the games retailers are looking to tempt gamers into pre-ordering it from them, instead of going elsewhere by offering a pre-order bonus. However, in order to work out which pre-order deal is the best, we had better first take a look at them all.

If you pre-order Max Payne 3, these are the bonuses to expect;

Cemetery multiplayer map if ordered in the US, and at these retailers GAME UK, EB Games Australia, GameStop Germany, GameStop Spain and Micromania in France

The Silent Killer pack with a Light Anti-Tank Weapon (LAW), Slippery Character Burst and Listening Device when ordered from Tesco in the UK, GAME in Australia,, FNAC in France and Spain and GameMania in Belgium.

The code for the first batch of multiplayer DLC when pre-ordered from Best Buy in the US, Play in the UK, EB Games Australia, GamesOnly in Austria, WOG in Switzerland, GAME France, GAME Spain and BartSmit in the Netherlands.

These pre-order deals each appeal to different gamers, personally, I like the one with the silent killer pack, but that is because I am sneaky.

Source [Geeky Gadgets]