Children’s Games Targeted By Malware


How many times have you seen those banners that say “You just one a prize!” or “You just won the Millionth user award!” with flashing lights and looking all inviting, but of course you do not click on it, so this means that the people behind the malware are looking for a new target.

In a recent study carried out by Avast Virus Labs, it has been found that kids are easily directed to sites aimed at children and while they play games or watch videos malware is being downloaded onto the computer where it will, either take over the machine or simply wait to collect personal information.

Ondrej Vlcek who is the chief technical officer (CTO) of AVAST Software, he said in a company press release;

“Games like these require clicking and children do not think much about what they are clicking on. This makes them or their parent’s computers quite susceptible to malicious software.”

Source [Technabob]