Classic Looking Space Game For The iPhone


Check out Star Marine: Infinite Ammo for the iPhone and iPad, it is loosely based on the classic Contra NES game from the 80’s, but playable on the latest iOS deceives. You get thirty lives and some serious weaponry, so getting to the end of the game should be easy then, well maybe easy is the wrong word.

This is the description for the Star Marine: Infinite Ammo game for the iPhone;

Star Marine: Infinite Ammo is the definitive Run n’ Gun experience! You play as Arc, a battle hardened drifter who is captured by an alien race in the depths of space. Arc’s capturers plan to enslave him and put his strength to work. But, Arc has other plans. He is a trained and elite Star Marine and in a fury of bullets he is going to take them all down!

There are some seriously cool weapons available too, check these out;

Assault Rifle – Arc’s Ol’ Faithful. A Star Marine Standard Issue rapid fire fully automatic

The Reaper – Plasma propelled rocket launcher with upgradable enemy seeking ammunition

The Decimator HD – Tactile, high explosive grenade launcher

The Crippler – Devastating spread fire shotgun for use on multiple targets

The XF Combustor – Intense heat flamethrower for maximum damage to organics

Storm Cannon – Advanced lightening chain gun capable of targeting several enemies simultaneously

Ion Torch – beams a focused blast of charged ION’s for maximum stopping power

This game is downloadable from the iTunes Store now, where it is priced at £1.49 in the UK and $1.99 in the US

Source [Geek]