Internet Connected Flash Drive Cuff Links


Imagine having the power of the internet at the flick of your wrist, well with these cool cuff links you can because each cuff link has a different feature. The first is a standard flash drive with 2 GB of memory, while the other has a built in wireless internet connection.

These are the features as to why USB flash drive cuff links are cool;

Cufflink number one is the 2GB USB flash drive – just plug it in, drag your docs over and you’re good to go. ‘Now where are those blueprints to the secret nuclear facility? Oh yes, in my cufflink.’

Cufflink number two is even more impressive as it can be programmed to share high-speed Wi-Fi internet connections. Just download the accompanying software, plug the cufflink into your computer (now there’s something we never thought we’d say) and you’ll get a wireless connection for your Smartphone, tablet and other wireless devices.

Priced at £195 in the UK and $298 in the US

Source [Coolest Gadgets]