Q.U.B.E. Repays Indie Investment After Four Days Of Sales


Toxic Games used its new game Q.U.B.E. to try out the Indie Fund and it all seems to have ended nicely, with the game going through development from 2010 to the recent launch where they sold enough copies in order to pay off the investment in full. It looks as if we know where Toxic Games will be going for their funding in the future, don’t we.

According to a posting on the Indie Fund Blog;

We are happy to announce that Q.U.B.E., the first Indie Fund-ed game to market, took only 4 days on Steam to generate enough revenue for Toxic Games to repay the full investment amount of $90k. As previously promised, we aim to be as transparent as possible with all our investment work, so we’d like to provide everyone with a brief recap of how things unfolded in this case. Toxic originally pitched Q.U.B.E. to us in late August of 2010 with an estimated budget of $42k. We approved the game for funding about 2 months later.

Q.U.B.E. is available on PC via Steam, Desura and the Japanese platform, Playism; it will be priced at £9.99 in the UK and $14.99 in the US.

Source [Geeky Gadgets]