Smart Resin Groove iPad Stand


In these days of mass produced products it is highly likely that when you buy a stand for new iPad, that somebody you know will also have one or something similar. But that is not going to happen with this resin stand, it has a groove that is just right, has coloured strips and are custom made too. It may be slightly more expensive, but it has to be worth that little bit extra.

Here are the features for the Striped Groove Resin iPad Stand, Artful Design with Sex Appeal;

The Striped Groove, the artful iPad stand made of translucent resin. Bold, sophisticated, functional art piece with custom striping and the perfect groove to hold all generations of iPads. Sexy centred depression to access the iPad home button. Measuring in at 3.25″ x 10.25″ x 1″ each custom Striped Groove stand can hold any iPad in both the portrait and landscape modes at a 30 degree angle for easy viewing.

Priced at $150 in the US and £100 in the UK

Source [ETSY]