Swiss Army Knife With Eighty Five Tools


Most of us would think of a Swiss Army knife as being a small pocket sized device that is handy in a tricky situation. However, here is a Swiss Army knife that really does not fit into a pocket, because it is slightly on the large side with eighty five tools that are good for around a hundred functions. This means that with all of those tools side by side the Wenger Giant Swiss Army Knife is around twenty four centimetres wide.

These are the details and features for the cool Wenger Giant Swiss Army Knife;

Make James Bond, MacGyver and Inspector Gadget look like ill-equipped buffoons with the jaw-dropping Wenger Giant Swiss Army Knife. As awesome as it is ridiculous, this incredible triumph of engineering is packed with 85 fully functional implements and is said to have over 100 functions. Why? Well, why not?

Priced at £499.99 in the UK and $765 in the US

Source [Firebox]