The Fit Freeway App From BitGym


It is amazing how we can now get fit with apps, who would have thought that a few years ago? There are many apps to look at but this one from BitGym for iOS devices is really interesting simply because it is a game that can get you fit by telling you to control the car by moving different parts of the body. There are two versions the free Lite and a full version that has to be paid for, but this is the Lite version.

These are the details on the interesting Fit Freeway Lite for the iPhone and iPad;

BitGym’s unique motion capture technology lets you play while you exercise. It reads your exercise speed by using your device’s accelerometer to read the vibrations in the exercise bike or elliptical. These vibrations are analyzed and converted into your exercise cadence. It reads your head position by using the front facing camera to do advanced head tracking – the closest you’ll get to Kinect on a mobile platform!

If you like the Lite version then the Full Version offers these extra features;

8 unique stages to race through from Rome to Africa

3 play modes

3 difficulty levels

iPod music support

The Lite version is a free download from the iTunes store.

Source [Ubergizmo]