Do You Like Drinking In The Bath Or Shower?


Drinking a nice cappuccino or macchiato in the bath could be somebody’s idea of heaven, but it is inevitable that something is going to go wrong sooner or later with coffee ending up in the water or bath water ending up in the coffee; it is not good either way!

However, here is the Tub Mug, it is what it says on the box, a mug that has been especially designed for those who like to drink their favourite beverage in the bath; it even comes with its own suction holder too, but watch where you place the toothbrushes.

These are the details for the interesting Tub Mug;

A hot shower, and a cold drink, the two go together so well. With the Tub Mug, you can now bring your drink into the shower, or anywhere else that you can put its (included) suction cup!

Priced at $10 in the US and £6.50 in the UK

Source [Incredible Things]