RedPad The Alternative To The iPad 2 From China


Normally if you were to go up against a major brand such as Apple, your product would need to be as good as theirs and probably a bit cheaper in order to entice consumers away from the brand. However, in China, they have a different view of the free market enterprise culture and this can be seen with the RedPad tablet device. It is a leather covered tablet in red of course, powered by the Android OS and has a £1000 ($1550) price tag.

According to a RedPad Number One spokesman Liu Xianri, when asked about public funding;

“We are looking to compete against the foreign brands,”

When asked about the RedPad’s price,  Liu Xianri said;

“Because of the number of pre-installed apps that cater to bureaucrats and state-owned company managers.”

The RedPad is available now somewhere in China, if you have the right connections!

Source [Telegraph]