Are Twitter Users Being Tricked Into DDoS Attacks?


The hacktivist group Anonymous may have a huge two hundred and fifty thousand followers on the micro blogging site Twitter. However, there are some industry experts that think that the Twitter followers might be unwittingly helping in denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Such as the recent attack on some US Government websites and anti-piracy groups.

It works like this, links are placed on Twitter as normal like all users do and followers sometimes click on them to see the content. However, the security firm Sophos claims that the links are part of a DoS attack where traffic is directed at a website in such volumes that the server cannot handle it and shuts down.

According to Graham Cluley, who is a senior technology consultant at Sophos;

“In the past, Anonymous has encouraged supporters to install a program called LOIC, which allows computers to join in an attack on a particular website, blasting it with unwanted traffic.”

He finished off by saying;

“This change in tactic from Anonymous, which allows attacks to be launched by simply clicking on a link, means that internet users need to be extremely careful when clicking on unknown URLs or they could unwittingly be joining this latest zombie army.”

Source [Daily Mail]