Illuminated Dog Lead Is Ideal For Night Time Walkies


Having a dog is fine, but unlike cats, you have to take the doggie out so that they are able to do their business etc and this often means walking around in the dark, which is not good! Therefore, this handy lead with built in nine LED torch does the job very nicely indeed. Just make sure that you have everything you need, it also has a handy little compartment for storing bags in, and you know what they are for!

These are the details for the very illuminating dog lead;

This is the retractable pet leash with an integrated flashlight. The flashlight is mounted to the top of the leash handle and has nine powerful LEDs that provide path-illuminating light during night time walks. The flashlight removes from the handle to enable untethered illumination without tugging on the dog. The nylon leash extends up to 16′ and locks into place with a pull of the trigger.

Priced at $40 in the US and £26 in the UK

Source [Coolest Gadgets]