The Seahope Artist Watch Collection


These brilliant watch designs are very individual and the use some very bold design features in order to stand out from all of the other watches that are around at the moment. there are several designs to choose from such as; John Burgerman, Chris Parks / Dios ganeshador, Beastman / Mountain Watch, Japi Honoo / Flow, Shin Tanaka / Pacify and of course not to forget eBoy.

These are the features and details for the Seahope Artist Collection Watch Series Limited edition designer LED watch;

Seahope, created by designer Yasushi Kimura, uses striking LED concepts to change our time-keeping lifestyle. This new Artist Collection series from the Japanese watch brand is a collaboration between six acclaimed local and international creators. All the designs are unique and also feature a 1259B series switch, pressing which will light up the LED animation on the watch.

Priced at $253 in the US and £163 in the UK

Source [Geek Alerts]