Scosche Stops Drivers From Using Their Phones


Ever since the first mobile phones appeared they have been connected to traffic accidents, in fact now in many countries now using a phone while driving is an offence, but this only matters if the driver actually gets caught red handed by the police.

However, there is the cellCONTROL device from Scosche this small gadget connects to the OBD-II port under the dashboard in the car it will then detect a device running the app and if the car is moving, the phone will be disabled. This is all well and good, but the user simply has to remove the device to accept calls.

However, if this technology was used by an organisation or even the parents of teenage drivers, then removing the device would not work as this triggers an alert to system administrator, where the appropriate action could be taken.

These are the details on the Scosche cellCONTROL – Safe Driving System for Cell Phones;

Safely disables the use of text, phone, email and other distracting applications while driving

Reports of removal, deactivation or other misuse are sent by text or email to a designated administrator

Phone call functionality is available when a hands free device is detected

Works with over 1,200 cell phones

Works with any vehicle sold in the United States 1996 and up

Music library remains active for normal use

Priced at $130 in the US and £84 in the UK

Source [Oh Gizmo]