Star Wars: R2-D2 Style Apron


You know that you have made it, when aprons are being made in your image and this is exactly what has happened to poor old R2-D2 who let’s face it has not been the same since the end of Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith! This apron is a one off, so if your are an R2-D2 fan then you had better move on if you really like the idea of hanging around with the little guy.

This is what the designer Haute Mess has to say about the Star Wars style apron;

New from Haute Mess Threads Geek Chic Line the R2D2 apron. Uniquely designed, constructed with the upmost care you can gain multiple uses from this piece. Wear it while hosting, attending conventions, Halloween. This is the ultimate attire for any die hard Star Wars fan!!

These are the details for the R2-D2 style apron;

Adjustable halter straps- and straps that tie at waist. 100% white cotton with royal blue accents, Black bows on pockets and a lil mini black bow in center of v neck. Size is – one size fits most- XL additional 5.00. Made to Order

Priced at $70 in the US and £46.19 in the UK

Source [Technabob]