Windows 8 Will Reconnect To Wireless Instantly


As we get closer to the launch of Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system, we are getting little snippets of information, such as a post on the Building Windows 8 blog regarding wireless network optimization.

It seems that the Microsoft team believe that a device running Windows 8 will be able to connect so fast to a wireless network from standby making it more like mobile broadband and even more impressive is that they claim the device may even connect before the display comes, now that’s fast!

According to Billy Anders, a group program manager on the Microsoft devices and networking team, he said;

“This means you can reconnect your PC to a Wi-Fi network from standby in about a second – often times before your display is even ready,”

He went on to say that;

“You do not have to do anything special for this – Windows just learns which network you prefer and manages everything for you.”

Finally, on the subject of switching, he said;

“On a PC that has both mobile broadband and Wi-Fi, we’ll move you from mobile broadband to the less costly Wi-Fi network automatically whenever Wi-Fi is available, again reducing your mobile broadband usage and your potential for bill shock,”

Source [PC Pro]