Free O2 Wi-Fi With Food At Tragus Restaurants


In an agreement made between the mobile phone service provider O2 and the Tragus Restaurant chain that includes Cafe Rouge, Strada and Bella Italia Restaurants, diners will be able to use the O2 Wi-Fi hotspot to surf the net between courses.

This is first deal of its kind for O2 who will be rolling out the service to around 120 restaurants around the UK. Although it is not the first deal between the two companies because O2’s “Priority Moments” already offers deals at the restaurant chain.

According to Gavin Franks, who is the MD of O2 Wi-Fi, he said;

“This agreement takes us a step closer towards achieving our vision of changing the public wi-fi landscape within three years, by offering people free and fast wi-fi connections in the places they want it most,”

He continued by saying;

“Working with Tragus, we have been able to combine our services, meaning that customers are now able to benefit from free Wi-Fi with their meal while taking advantage of exclusive discounts through Priority Moments. As O2 Wi-Fi’s footprint continues to grow, we hope that more people and businesses start to realise the potential of genuinely free and fast Wi-Fi.”

Source [Fresh Business Thinking]