Create Your Own Church Of Geek With These Windows


There are lots of churches starting up all of the time, so why not a church of the geek, it seems to me that it would be the kind of place for like minded people to meet up and discuss their lives, oh that’s Facebook! So in that case just get yourself some of these geeky styled stained glass prints to create your own church of the geek, sounds like my kind of place.

These are the details on these cool hero style stained glass prints;

A print that imitates the look of stained glass. Just tape it up in the window and viola, instant stained glass! Approximately 10 x 15 in. It takes 2 days to process an order (aka, print it and let it dry). Shipped by USPS in 3-7 days.

Prices start from $4 (£2.64) for individual pieces and $25 (£16.49) for the larger full size pieces.

Source [Nerd Approved]