Who Are The Big Spenders When It Comes To Adwords


When you search Google for anything, you cannot escape the adverts on the page results page, but have you ever wondered just who are the big spenders on these adverts? Well it seems that the financial sector is the largest by far, but the home improvement sector is spending big too, with Home Depot and Lowes spending a massive $100 million on click throughs between them last year.

These are the top adwords users in the US fro 2011 according to Wordsteam;

Finance & Insurance – $4.0 Billion

Retailers & General Merchandise – $2.8 Billion

Travel & Tourism – $2.4 Billion

Jobs & Education – $2.2 Billion

Home & Garden— $2.1 Billion

Computer & Consumer Electronics – $2.0 Billion

Vehicles – $2.0 Billion

Internet & Telecommunications – $1.7 Billion

Business & Industrial – $1.6 Billion

Occasions & Gifts – $1.2 Billion

Source [CNet]