Build Your Own Flying Drone


The eye3 would have been a great project for anyone interested in technology and flight control. The plan was to raise funds through the Kickstarter scheme, which it did in style raising over 300% of the target $25,000! But then suddenly the project has been cancelled apparently by Kickstarter and there speculations that not all is right with the project!

So what is the eye3 anyway?;

The eye3 is a project to create a professional quality yet affordable flying robotic camera platform, or Drone. Almost anyone attempting to build a platform like the eye3 will be stunned by the complexity involved and the years of hands on experience needed to create a functional, safe device. The incredibly steep learning curve combined with the high cost of failure has kept this powerful tool out of the hands of thousands of creative people.

Here is the message from the project leader, Kellie Sigler, left on the eye3 website;

Hey Everyone,

Kickstarter ended this project. We don’t really know why. They haven’t contacted us with any reason…. or any info at all aside from that it has been cancelled.

We will still complete the project on our own. We’ve been really amazed by the amount of support you all have shown. If you are interested in getting updates you can join our email list here:

Source [Kickstarter]