ASDA Is Selling A 40 Inch HD TV For £250


The money saving supermarket chain ASDA have done it again when it comes to cheap televisions, the last one was the £50 HD TV a while back, but that was only a fifteen inch model. This latest offer is for a forty inch HD LCD television made by Luxor and currently it has a price tag of just £249, now that has got to be a bargain but only if you find one available.

These are the details for the £250 Luxor LUX-40-914-TVB 40ins Full HD LCD TV;

The LUXOR LUX-40-914-TVB is a fantastic 40ins television with a 1080p full HD screen. Great for watching high definition TV, Blu-ray movies and playing games. This LCD TV has access to up to 50 Freeview channels and 24 radio stations, the ideal T.V for the family.

Priced at £249 while stocks last

Source [Crave]