Eight Per Cent Of Facebook Users Supports Compulsory Timeline


As the world’s largest social networking site prepares to roll out its Timeline feature, it seems that not all users are happy about having their life story available for all to see. At the moment the only way a user can find stuff from years ago is by going through hundreds of old pages.

However, in theory, with the new Timeline it would be possible to skip back to a precise date and see what the user was doing at the time. Of course, they could make it private, but that sort of defeats the whole social media idea.

In a survey conducted by the online security firm Sophos of four thousand Facebook users, it was found that eight per cent liked the Timeline, while a further eight per cent said that they would get used to the feature. However, a staggering fifty one per cent of those surveyed said that they are worried about the new feature!

According to a Facebook spokeswoman, she said;

“Timeline does not change any of your existing privacy settings.”

“It will show you all of your posts and activity – from today back to when you first started using Facebook.”

“Only you can see your activity log. You can use it to easily review and choose who sees what you’ve shared on your Timeline.”

Source [Telegraph]