The BBQ That Floats On Water


Normally red hot charcoal, water and swimwear would certainly not be the ingredients to a great meal, but it seems that the people behind the Floating Flamer will have something to say about that! There are two Floating Flamer designs the Topless model, which speaks for itself and then there is the Grand Flamer, you just know that this is going to be the super deluxe version of cooking in the pool.

These are the details for the very cool and interesting Floating Flamer BBQ;

What’s better than your toes in the sand, swimsuits, sun, and a cold drink in your hand? Well, a floating grill of course! Now you don’t have to leave any of that behind to fill your sexy bronzed bellies! The world already had the first four things but lacked the last one. Until one glorious night sitting outside after a few drinks and some great ideas the charcoal smoke cleared and idea of the Floating Flamer was born.

There are no prices as of yet, but you can tell that there will be some demand for this BBQ!

Source [Floating Flamer]