Hats With Built In LED Lights


There are a couple of good reasons for using a hat like this, the first could be for a job where light is limited and you need both hands free! The other is purely for marketing purposes as a business or event could use this type of hat to promote products and services.

State of the art fiber optic hat from Carlos Acevedo on Vimeo.

The hats use an LED cable that has been built into the brim or into a design if required, this cannot be removed but the batteries are easily replaced even though they should last for around thirty hours.

These are the details for the cool looking LED side glow hats;

Side Glow Hats run on two standard size CR2025 Lithium Cell batteries. The power switch cannot be felt when wearing the Side Glow Hat!

The Side Glow on brim is transparent and is not noticeable on the hat when light are off (looks Identical to regular hat).

Side Glow cable cannot be removed from brim because it is stitched inside the hat brim.

Our patented power switch can last up to 24 continuous hours of glow time on one set of batteries.

The power switch is push button.

One set of Batteries are included with each hat. Replaceable batteries cost around $2.25 for two.

Easy to turn on, flash and off – Our patented power switch allows you to easily change settings. Easy to change batteries (batteries are found at any major retail chain or Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS stores).

Super Bright LED’s will last up to 100,000 hours.

Priced at $30 in the US or £20 in the UK

Source [Geek Alerts]


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