Love Heart Tea Lights You Know They Make Sense


It is Valentine’s Day soon and so we must prepare for the only day that we must remember. So instead of rushing off down to the local store, what is wrong with these sweet tea lights! Based on the classic Love Hearts, these tea lights have the same sort of messages and they even come a packet similar to the original, now that is sweet.

These are the features on the brilliant Love Heart tea lights;

Modelled on the classic sweeties we all larked about with during detention, these impossibly cute candles look good enough to eat. With their pretty pastel colours, suitably soppy messages (Love Me, Kiss Me, Hug Me) and authentic wrapper they’ll melt the heart of anyone old enough to remember awkward slow dances at the Valentine’s disco, ‘my friend fancies you’ outbursts and stolen kisses behind the bike sheds.

Priced at $6 in the US and £3.89 in the UK

Source [Firebox]