The Smartphone Hanger From Bondi


Most Smartphone users like to hang around with their device and so here is a way where they can quite literally get their Smartphone to hang around. This is the Bondi; it is a silicon based hanger with a loop style design at the top. To make sure the device is secure, there are a couple of feet at the bottom and a pair of arms that hug the device close to make sure that it cannot fall out.

According the iBondi website this is what the Smartphone hanger is all about;

Introducing Bondi – your ultimate and trendiest gadget. Bend it, stretch it, any way you want, Bondi is suitable for thousands of uses. Made of high quality silicone that can be curved into any shape, it will allow you to get endless value from its versatility.

Priced at $20 in the US and around £13 in the UK

Source [Technabob]