Research Shows Kids Are Accessing Inappropriate Content


In a survey conducted by YouGov for the mobile phone provider Carphone Warehouse it has been found that around twenty one per cent of kids aged between eight and fifteen have been able to access content on their mobile devices that is deemed inappropriate. Although it has to be noted that it was not always intentional because while some kids are looking for this stuff online, some actually do just come across it accidently.

According to Professor Tanya Bryon who advises the Government on child internet safety;

“With a digital divide existing between generations, and with only 13 percent of children having the correct parental restrictions installed on their phone, it’s important we enable parents to support, educate and, as necessary, protect their children,”

She continued by saying;

“This can be done by ensuring their mobile phone use is responsible, safe and as secure as possible. It is also important parents develop an honest communication with their children so that they can support them to be responsible digital citizens and help them with any worries or concerns that should arise.”

Source [PC Advisor]