Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective Available On iOS Devices


This was originally released for the Nintendo DS, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is now available on the iTunes Store where owners of the iPhone and the iPad can download the game for free. Well, saying it is free is a bit of lie as it is only chapters one and two that are free to download other chapters will be charged for as an add on application. In this game, it starts when you die so really it cannot get much worse than that, other than the fact you are now a spirit in need of the truth.

These are the details on the Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective game app;

This Story Starts with Your Death – In an obscure corner of the city, a single bullet takes your life, but that’s not all it takes. When you awaken as a spirit, you realize you have no recollection of who you are. Thus begins your search for the answers to these questions: “Who am I?”, “Who killed me?”, and “Why was I killed?” One night is all you have to answer these questions before your soul vanishes at dawn’s first light, and your only lead is the female detective who witnessed your death.

Source [Video Gamer]