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  1. Lost Star Trek Script To Be Filmed | TechMASH Tech Gadget & Geeky News

    [...] Star Trek writer will see his original script made, some forty five years after the script was lost! It turns [...]

  2. Did Worf Ever Get It Right In Star Trek TNG - Tech, Gadget & Geeky News -TechMASH

    [...] seems that while many fans of Star Trek think that Worf was one of the best officers on the Enterprise, this was not shared by his fellow [...]

  3. Beam These Cushions Up Scotty! - Tech, Gadget & Geeky News -TechMASH

    [...] idea will of course only be of interest to fans of the original series of Star Trek or the recent movie Star Trek by JJ Abrams. As they closely match the uniforms as worn by the crew [...]

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