Take A Look At This Rare Apple 128k Macintosh Prototype


Everyday people are making some cool tech finds such as this interesting Apple 128k Macintosh Prototype, which instead of the 3.5″ floppy disks; it uses a 5.25″ disk and is rare because no Apple Macintosh was ever made for the public with this configuration.

According to mactwiggy in a posting on the Apple Fritter board, he said;

I bought it through an online ad. The elderly gentleman I purchased it off of is a retired engraver. The company he worked for was hired to make some award medallions for a ceremony at Apple. It would have been some point in 1983 I personally think, but he really couldn’t recall. They sent over this Mac to use as a model for him to work off of. When the job was done, they tried to make arrangements to send it back. Apparently after several attempts, Apple just told them to keep it.

He continued by saying;

He knew what he had, and knew the price he was asking was low, but didn’t want to deal with trying to market it. He was really just happy it was going to someone who knew what it was and would appreciate it.

Source [Cult Of Mac]