UK Government Launches Direct Gov Replacement GOV.UK


The replacement for Direct Gov has been launched in beta; GOV.UK will take over as the place to go in order to access public services online, such as paying car tax, accessing benefits and just about any other government service. We have the Digital Champion @Marthalanefox to thank for this, as it was her report that demanded online public services should be overhauled and the GOV.UK website is the first step and in a few weeks, the stage will kick in and so on until the full version of GOV.UK is launched.

According to the Cabinet Office website, these are the three phases to the full launch;

Public beta test of the site delivering the mainstream, citizen-facing aspects of GOV.UK.

Private beta test of a shared GOV.UK ‘corporate’ publishing platform, aimed at replacing most of the activity currently hosted on numerous departmental publishing environments.

A first draft of a GOV.UK ‘Global Experience Language’, to provide clear, consistent design, user-experience and brand clarity for those developing sites for the single GOV.UK domain. (see for an example).

Source [Guardian]