Comfe Hands For Easy iPad Holding


There is no doubt that tablets are cool, but if you have tried holding one for a long period of time you will know that they tend to make you hands ache a little and that is just not a good thing, it could even mean you dropping the device through loss of grip.

However, with Comfe Hands holding the iPad for long periods of time is easy and in fact, the device is supposed to feel even more balanced if that is possible! Even when the device is at home or work, Comfe Hands can act as an incline stand, so you are getting two features for the price of one.

These are the details on the cool looking Comfe Hands iPad holder;

Love holding on to your iPad, even for extended periods of time. Comfe Hands gives your tablet a shape that fits your hand’s natural contours with a soft, gripping feel. It can even make the iPad feel lighter.

Comfe Hands has a beautiful design that compliments any iPad. The specially engineered surface allows a firm, no-slip hold. The intuitive push-on construction fits on any side and is easy to use. Comfe Hands doubles as an incline stand, triples as a vertical stand, and quadruples as a protective bumper with one on each side.

Priced at $50 in the US and £32 in the UK

Source [Coolest Gadgets]