Play Ultimate Battle Zombies On iOS Devices


Riptide Games have released their Ultimate Battle Zombies games on iTunes so that the owners of iPhones and iPods can enjoy a different kind of zombie! These guys are kept as pets and the owners pit them against each other in a battle series that ends with the Ultimate Battle. This is a free to download and play game, but in order to become the Boss it may be necessary to purchase some game cash to buy extra kit.

These are the details for Ultimate Battle Zombies;

Battle your friends in this turn-based fighting game featuring support for the latest iOS 5 features.

A decade after the great zombie epidemic almost eradicated mankind, human civilization has been rebuilt.

Daily life returned to the boring and predictable patterns of old. Functioning ZOMBIE SPECIMENS, once studied to create a species-saving vaccine are now kept as pets and status symbols by those wealthy enough to afford them.

From this hobby, a new form of entertainment has emerged; an underground sport dubbed

These is a free app downloadable from the iTunes Store

Source [PR Mac]