Using Morse Code To Send Tweets


Sometimes a device comes along that is simply so cool that “WOW” will only do! This is one of those devices and it certainly does have the wow factor. It looks like something from the early 20th Century because that is what it is based on, an old Morse Code key that used to send messages. However, today this device will allow the user to send a message to their Twitter account, which has got to be cool!

These are the features for the Tworse Key Twitter device;

This project is fully documented in order to illustrate the Open Design process for beginners, who are aiming to realize a simple but appealing Arduino project. Apart from reading the input from the Morse switch, the device also provides basic auditory and visual feedback, which have been integrated using a very elementary circuit. The source code, hardware schematics and building instructions are therefore available under the according free licenses.

Source [Technabob]