Is There Life On Mars Or Anywhere?


If we play the numbers game and where the universe comes in to it, this is all about numbers! Then we would have say yes there is some sort of life out there somewhere, but what this life is and how advanced it is we do not know.

However, as technology advances and we are able to process the data gathered on the galaxy and universe, it seems that almost every one of the stars in the sky and in fact throughout our own galaxy has at least one planet orbiting it.

Therefore, with those numbers the likelihood of there being life out there is a real and yet, we hear nothing! Earth has been transmitting radio and television signals for decades and surely the same would be the other way around yet we hear nothing.

This is space.coms, info graphic on the subject of worlds being everywhere we look, maybe it is just a matter of time before our neighbours welcome us with open arms and send in the peacekeepers to sort us out.

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