MobiGage Laser The $1000 iPhone App


We are used to using and looking at free app for the iPhone and yet there are some seriously expensive apps around too. Such as the MobiGage Laser app by Titansan Engineering Inc. It’s an app used in engineering and it costs around £700 a time, oh yes there is definitely money in apps.

Here are the details on this expensive iPhone App;

MobiGage Laser works with Leica AT401 Laser Trackers.

STANDARD – MobiGage’s reporting follows manufacturing industry standards — Modifiable HTML, Tabular, AS9102, etc. MobiGage measurement methodology follows manufacturing industry standards — NIST & PTB fitting algorithms, GD&T, RPS alignments, etc.

AUTOMATED – Connect MobiGage to any measurement device such as a measuring arm, portable CMM, calipers, micrometer, etc. for automated measurement.

FLEXIBILE – Connect to any device and switch between devices wirelessly or on the 3G phone network.

DISTRIBUTED – Multiple, simultaneous connections to the same device are always available.

Priced at $999.99 in the US and £700 in the UK

Source [The Salt Lake Tribune]